Moapa Valley Amateur Radio Club

W7MVR 147.390+

We are a club of approximately 20 Members. Our interests range from Emergency Preparedness to seeing how many countries we can contact from our radio stations.

We use voice, computer, and satellite technology, as well as "old fashioned" modes like Morse Code and Radio Teletype.

We are interested in shortwave listening, broadcast band listening, and other aspects of radio not necessarily requiring a license.

We range in age from 20 to 80+, with professional interests ranging from being retired to attending college and graduate school.

Five of our members are also members of the Logandale Volunteer Fire Department, Station 73. As "73" is the international signal for "best regards" we find it a nice coincidence.

If you are at all interested in Radio as a hobby, in one or many of it's various forms, we would like to welcome you to our group.

We are ready to conduct initial licensing classes as well as upgrade classes and help. Please contact any of our officers for more information.