Moapa Valley Amateur Radio Club

W7MVR 147.390+

We sponsor the 147.39, plus offset, PL of 100, repeater on Beacon Hill (Glendale) Nevada.

This repeater, maintained by Roy, K7YWF, has reliable coverage from Coyote Springs in the North to Echo Bay to the South, through the Valley of Fire, and on I15 from MM 75 through to Mesquite, NV. This assumes a moderate power (about 25 watts) and an external antenna. Coverage into Las Vegas itself in areas is not unusual, as in coverage into Arizona all the way to the Gorge.

In addition, Roy has put up a repeater on 448.250, minus offset, and PL of 156.7, that provides us good local coverage in the lower Moapa Valley (Logandale and into Overton). This machine is configurable for ALLSTAR and other Internet connections. Contact Roy, K7YWF for details. It is currently in operation under Roy's license, K7YWF.