Moapa Valley Amateur Radio Club

W7MVR 147.390+

Good Evening. The Moapa Valley Amateur Radio Club net is now open.

This is _________, the Net Control Station. In order to minimize confusion, please wait until called upon by the NCS before transmitting.

The Moapa Valley Amateur Radio Club invites all interested Hams to join us for this net, which meets on this frequency every Thursday at 1930 local time.

Our purpose is to provide an informal exchange of ideas and to share the fun of amateur radio.

During Roll Call, please let me know if you have any club business or announcements for the net. Immediately following roll call, we will ask for informal announcements, comments, or just conversation. There is no set topic, and this is a chance for us to catch up on happenings between our monthly meetings.

The following is roll call.   

(see separate page for roll call roster) 41 512

Are there any late, missed, or visitor check-ins?
Are there any comments or discussions for the net?

Last call for check-ins or announcements?

Is there a volunteer for Net Control Operator duty for next week?

Net is now closed. All stations are invited to remain on frequency and to use the repeater for regular amateur purposes. Thank You!